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Encompass Ideas

Design is for people, form and function. We create interiors for people to work in, live in and above all enjoy.

Encompass Ideas is a Wellington based team of interior designers, architectural designers and managers. The company was formed in 1998 as a response to requests from our clients and friends who were keen to engage us directly to carry out their project works.

We specialise in delivering consultancy services to commercial, residential property and technology customers.

Commercial Design Projects

Commercial Design Projects

We work in partnership with other professionals to provide an independent service that delivers successful outcomes in collaboration with our clients.

Our projects to date have ranged from designing and project managing various commercial projects, interior residential projects including the 2007 Master Builder"s House of the Year award winner through to specialist consultancy for hotel development, apartment design, church refurbishment, school interiors, computer rooms and the design and construction of an operations management control centre.

Residential Design

Residential Design Projects

Our focus is on providing an independent service that can facilitate and advise on the procurement of furniture, fittings, textiles, decorator art and technology products from multiple sources.

This delivers our customers with quality outcomes at the best price.

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طراحی داخلی سوپر لوکس
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ویلا:نماها و پلان ها
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